Oklahoma Bankruptcy HelpWhat are Oklahoma Debt Collection Laws?

Oklahoma debt collection lawsOwing past-due debts of any kind can be a frightening experience. If you are contemplating filing bankruptcy in Tulsa, you are surely receiving repeated telephone calls and letters from bill collectors.

These people are trained and paid to make you feel as badly as possible so you will pay your debt. However, federal and state Oklahoma debt collection laws protect you whether you cannot pay a $25 phone bill or a $25,000 credit card debt.

FAQ: Oklahoma Debt Collection Laws

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), a bill collector must identify himself as such during every telephone call or letter. He cannot communicate with you by postcard.

Legally, he cannot discuss your financial problems with your boss or even your spouse or a blood relative.

Unless you advise otherwise, the debt collector who calls outside the hours of 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. in your time zone is breaking federal laws.

Some bill collectors push the edge of the law and even outright violate it. Unfortunately, too many people do not understand their legal rights.

Even people who do understand the basic concepts of the FDCPA may feel intimidated and not pursue financial damages, with or without the help of a Tulsa bankruptcy attorney.

Standing Up for Your Rights

The best way to assert your rights under the FDCPA as well as Oklahoma debt collection laws is to keep all communications in writing.

Want the bill collectors to stop calling you, especially at work? Write a short letter, keep a copy, and mail it through a traceable form of delivery.

Ready to make a deal to pay part or all of the money you owe? Still write a letter, retain a copy, and send it through certified or another delivery method that leaves a “paper trail.”

If you don’t believe the debt is yours, send a letter and keep good records. This way you can easily prove the company violated your rights if you or your attorney have to take matters before a Tulsa judge.

If the situation is too much to bear and you cannot reasonably repay your debts, you may need to discuss options with a Tulsa bankruptcy attorney.

Free Bankruptcy Planning: Tulsa Bankruptcy Lawyer

To get the best possible outcome in your bankruptcy case, you will need to set expectations for yourself and also understand your attorney’s expectations of you.

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