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  • Can You Include Student Loans Tulsa in Bankruptcy?

    student loans Tulsa

    Many residents of Oklahoma are overwhelmed by their student loans Tulsa, not even counting all the other bills many consumers incur such as credit card debts. A common question is, “can you include student loans Tulsa in a bankruptcy?” Stafford and Student Loans Tulsa In most cases, you cannot include Stafford loans in any type… Read More»

  • Can Chapter 7 Stop a Foreclosure in Tulsa?

    Unfortunately, people who cannot make their mortgage payments as promised usually lose their homes through a legal process called foreclosure in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is another legal process, though this one has much more potential to help a consumer in serious financial trouble. A common question is, “can Chapter 7 bankruptcy stop a… Read More»

  • What is Tulsa Credit Counseling?

    Television and websites feature plenty of advertising about Tulsa credit counseling. However, not all credit counseling in Oklahoma is created equal. It is important to understand exactly what you are getting into, especially before you sign any contracts or hand over any of your hard-earned cash. FAQ: Tulsa Credit Counseling First, some Oklahoma credit counseling… Read More»

  • What are Oklahoma Debt Collection Laws?

    Owing past-due debts of any kind can be a frightening experience. If you are contemplating filing bankruptcy in Tulsa, you are surely receiving repeated telephone calls and letters from bill collectors. These people are trained and paid to make you feel as badly as possible so you will pay your debt. However, federal and state… Read More»

  • Filing Medical Bankruptcy in Oklahoma

    While excessive healthcare expenses are one of the most common reasons people cite when declaring personal bankruptcy, at this time there is no such thing as filing medical bankruptcy in Oklahoma. Exorbitant healthcare costs, especially for the uninsured, have literally driven some Tulsa residents into poverty. While the Affordable Care Act has helped some people get… Read More»

  • Facts About Tulsa Bankruptcy and Credit Score

    Many once-prosperous people have struggled financially in recent years. As a result, personal bankruptcy filings in Tulsa, Oklahoma are skyrocketing. While bankruptcy may offer partial or full relief from the burden of excessive debts, there literally can be a price to pay – especially when it comes to bankruptcy and credit score. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy… Read More»

  • Oklahoma Bankruptcy Facts Regarding Taxes

    Bankruptcy reform laws passed in 2005 made it much more difficult for people to eliminate their legal obligation to repay tax bills in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is important to talk to a lawyer about Oklahoma bankruptcy facts regarding taxes, because in many cases “no” is the answer to the question of, “can you file bankruptcy… Read More»

  • Comparing Debt Management Plans and Chapter 13 Tulsa

    These days, more lenders are willing to settle for even partial payment of past-due debts. Even people who once had six-figure jobs are financially struggling, and a financial institution’s worst nightmare is the customer who must declare a total Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Oklahoma due to his inability to pay the bills. Terms such as… Read More»

  • What Are My Oklahoma Bankruptcy Options?

    If you live in Tulsa and cannot pay your bills as promised, you might need to explore Oklahoma bankruptcy options. Any type of non-traditional debt relief is a serious proposition that can negatively impact your credit rating. However, most people who file bankruptcy in Oklahoma do not regret it because of the immense financial relief… Read More»

  • What are Oklahoma Bankruptcy Fees?

    Filing any type of bankruptcy in Tulsa requires the payment of Oklahoma bankruptcy fees, which are declared by the federal government. Oklahoma bankruptcy fees are separate from any costs you may incur by hiring a qualified Tulsa bankruptcy attorney. Chapter 7 Filing Fees As of 2016, it cost $335 to file Chapter 7 in Oklahoma…. Read More»

  • Comparing Chapter 7 in Tulsa to Chapter 13

    Chapter 7 in Tulsa

    There are a number of differences between declaring Chapter 7 in Tulsa and choosing Chapter 13 in Oklahoma. The debt solution that is ideal for one family may not work well for another family, so checking in with a qualified Tulsa bankruptcy attorney is always a good idea. Basic Definitions For any type of bankruptcy,… Read More»

  • What is Required for Tulsa Bankruptcy Filings?

    Tulsa bankruptcy filings

    There is a specific process for Tulsa bankruptcy filings in Oklahoma. All steps are mandated by the United States Bankruptcy Court, and can be rather complicated for even highly educated people to follow to the letter. Thus, having at least an initial consultation with a Tulsa bankruptcy attorney is recommended. FAQ: Tulsa Bankruptcy Filings Whether… Read More»

  • What Happens in Tulsa Bankruptcy Court?

    Tulsa bankruptcy court

    Individuals as well as business owners file cases every day in Tulsa bankruptcy court, because they cannot pay their financial commitments as promised. No matter what type of Oklahoma bankruptcy case you file, you will have to appear in the Tulsa bankruptcy court at least once. But unless you have committed some type of crime… Read More»

  • What Are the Differences Between Personal and Business Bankruptcy in Oklahoma?

    business bankruptcy in Oklahoma

    Some people have a number of misconceptions about the differences between personal bankruptcy and business bankruptcy in Oklahoma. Generally, you cannot include both business and personal debts in one Tulsa bankruptcy case. Most people who file bankruptcy in Tulsa choose to undergo this complex process with an attorney’s assistance. FAQ: Business Bankruptcy in Oklahoma Chapter… Read More»

  • What is a Tulsa, Oklahoma Bankruptcy Means Test?

    Oklahoma bankruptcy means test

    Ever since bankruptcy reform laws were enacted in 2008, it has been much more difficult for average Tulsa citizens to request Chapter 7 bankruptcy. One question people often ask is regarding what is an Oklahoma bankruptcy means test. The Oklahoma bankruptcy means test literally determines who can file a case. FAQ: Oklahoma Bankruptcy Means Test… Read More»

  • What Oklahoma Bankruptcy Forms Are Available in Tulsa?

    In Tulsa, there are several Oklahoma bankruptcy forms available. Bankruptcy is a serious word for good reason. Like any major financial decision, no one should enter into bankruptcy lightly. However, too many people believe that bankruptcy is always a bad idea. In some cases, bankruptcy offers a much-needed new financial start. The key is to… Read More»

  • What Are Bankruptcy Costs in Oklahoma?

    Individuals as well as businesses in Tulsa, Oklahoma fall into financial trouble; sometimes the problem is the result of bad luck and other times the problem is caused by poor judgment. Whatever the case may be, most generally honest people are eligible for at least partial debt assistance through the United States Bankruptcy Court. However,… Read More»

  • What is a Tulsa, Oklahoma Bankruptcy Discharge?

    Most people living in Tulsa, Oklahoma may be eligible for debt assistance through the U.S. Bankruptcy Court system. However, in recent years bankruptcy laws have become tougher due to problems with people abusing the system. There are a number of requirements to receive an Oklahoma bankruptcy discharge, which is a permanent dissolution of approved pre-existing… Read More»

  • What Are the Basic Tulsa, Oklahoma Bankruptcy Rules?

    Oklahoma bankruptcy rules

    Due to widespread complaints of bankruptcy fraud, the George W. Bush administration in 2005 enacted the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA.) These federal laws made it much more difficult for people to demand legal forgiveness of their debts under Tulsa, Oklahoma bankruptcy rules. With the help of a Tulsa bankruptcy attorney, if… Read More»

  • What are Oklahoma Bankruptcy Laws Regarding Student Loans?

    Oklahoma bankruptcy laws regarding student loans

    Many Tulsa, Oklahoma residents are overwhelmed by their student loan bills, not even counting all the other bills many consumers incur such as credit card debts. A common question is, “what are Oklahoma bankruptcy laws regarding student loans?” In most cases, Oklahoma bankruptcy laws regarding student loans bar you from discharging government-issued student Stafford loans. FAQ: Oklahoma… Read More»

  • What Debts are Ineligible for Tulsa Bankruptcies?

    Tulsa bankruptcies

    In an ideal world, bankruptcy would protect from financial ruin people who unexpectedly suffered financial losses. Unexpected medical costs, natural disasters, job loss, economic downturns or other such unpredictable circumstances are the reason lawmakers have long considered bankruptcy to be a necessary element of maintaining a productive economy. Unfortunately, some people chose to abuse the… Read More»

  • Do I Really Have To Get Credit Counseling Before Declaring Bankruptcy in Oklahoma?

    declaring bankruptcy in Oklahoma

    Unfortunately, prolonged economic problems have caused more people to seriously consider declaring bankruptcy in Oklahoma. However, the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA) makes it much harder to file a case in Tulsa. FAQ: Declaring Bankruptcy in Oklahoma Since this set of federal laws were enacted in 2005, declaring bankruptcy in Oklahoma is… Read More»

  • How Long Does an Oklahoma Chapter 13 Last?

    Oklahoma Chapter 13

    If you have a steady source of income but are having problems paying your credit cards as agreed, you may wish to research Oklahoma Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 is a partial debt repayment plan administered by a trustee of the Tulsa division of the United States Bankruptcy Court. Due to bankruptcy reform laws, some people… Read More»

  • How Do I File Chapter 13 in Oklahoma?

    file Chapter 13 in Oklahoma

    Since 2005, federal laws have favored partial Chapter 13 bankruptcy rather than the more dramatic Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Creditors complained of debtors fraudulently charging bills and filing bankruptcy, so former President George W. Bush signed the BAPCPA (Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act) into law. As a result, Tulsa residents with a decent income are… Read More»

  • Can I File Bankruptcy in Oklahoma on Taxes?

    bankruptcy in Oklahoma on taxes

    Bankruptcy reform laws passed in 2005 made it much more difficult for Tulsa, Oklahoma residents to eliminate their legal obligation to repay tax bills. Thus in many cases “no” is the answer to the question of, “can I file bankruptcy in Oklahoma on taxes?” Filing Bankruptcy in Oklahoma on Taxes Tulsa debtors can only ask for partial… Read More»

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